This 1oz [30mL] PET bottle is the perfect convenient pocket size for your daily travels. Easily carry with you wherever you need to freshen up and enhance the mood!



  • Our high quality perfume oils & imported attars are more concentrated and longer-lasting than a spray perfume. It’s the best choice if you want to wear your perfume on specific areas of your body. Apply the perfume oil on your body’s pulse points, which are the spots where you can feel your heartbeat and that tend to be the warmest – like your wrists, inner elbows, behind your ears & knees. You’ll smell & feel good all day long!
  • Also add a few drops to your diffuser to scent a room and cleanse the air.  Promote a positive, calm, anxiety free environment.
  • Check out this blog for more information on perfume oils & attars: https://takeonethingoff.com/blog/2021/11/15/the-attar-guide-concentrated-perfume-oils-cpos/



  • A heavely attar with top notes which twists in to a bloom of spices and finally settles warmly with base of musk or amber.

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